Welcome to my blog! So this is my first blog post, so I guess I should be starting off with an introduction.

My name is Jason Vu, and I am a freshie at Fountain Valley High School. I aimImage result for fountain valley hs to be a programmer and a game developer so that others can experience the joy I had in my childhood.

My earliest memories of playing a computer game was with my older brother when I was 4. Yeah, I was a geek. I remember waking up in the wee hours of the morning to play Maplestory. At that time, I was a complete noob and died from Slimes and Stumps Image result for maplestory slimesalmost every few minutes. Over the years, Maple changed and sadly, others will never experience the old friendly Maple where people would join parties and do quests. Now that I’m getting older, school is getting really boring and occasionally stressful, so I relieve my stress with gaming.

However, with new gaming tech, gamers might not experience the rage-inducing excitement of the past.


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