Gaming History

Gaming History (Part 2)

K, so like you probably could tell, this next post is just a continuation about gaming history. I’ll just keep this a bit short, thanks for reading!

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Atari Breakout

Video games piqued many people’s interest, and arcades were widely spread throughout the U.S. The success of games like Pong and Breakout led to Atari becoming one of the most successful and well-known gaming companies.

People became more accessible to creating their own games as a result from the spread of BASIC and C level programming languages and time-sharing. Many people would program strategy and puzzle based game as opposed to action games because time-sharing would hinder their abilities. Notable games during this time period were Hunt the Wumpus (a simple hide-and-seek game) and Empire (a strategic war game.)

In 1978, a new game significantly impacted the video game industry. Created by Taito,Image result for space invaders this game was influenced by the popularity of Breakout. In this game, players would play as a ship or gun and shoot rows of aliens. The objective of the game was to try to not die and lose lives and get the highscore of the arcade by killing the aliens. Yes, you might have already guessed it, it’s Space Invaders! Space Invaders became an another important game of the video industry since it introduced many new concepts such as lives, highscores, background music, and shooting enemies. This game, along with the newly created Atari game Asteroid, replaced pinball and other popular games, spreading arcade games from only shopping malls to other places like bowling alleys. Other notable games include Galaga, Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Q*bert.

(To be continued)


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