Gaming History

Gaming History (Part 3)

Note: This will be my last post on Gaming History since it probably bored you guys. (Sorry to whoever is going to read this)

Image result for 1983 video game crashIn 1983, there was a video game crash that dropped revenue from $3.2 billion to $100 million. The cause of the crash was because of too many video game consoles but very few games that interested people. The crash led into a bankruptcy of video game consoles companies. (Interesting facts about the game crash)

“So how did the video game industry get back to life?” you may be wondering.Image result for original home computer

As the video game industry was slowly decreasing, home computers were growing to become more popular since it was more multi-purpose and affordable for the average American. These PCs had more powerful processors, being able to create more complex games (opposed to simple linear games) and allow users to create their own games with BASIC code.

The video game industry also slowly revived due to Nintendo releasing the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The NES is the one of the most memorable third-generation console and introduced the gamepad as opposed to the joysticks and keypads.

In the 1990s, Sega, Nintendo, and Atari made many attempts to try to create a form of online gaming but were unable to do so because of slow Internet and problems with cable providers. Sega introduced the Sega Dreamcast, which was considered a revolutionary change. However, this turned out to be the end of Sega’s console legacy since Internet costs were high.

zIn 2001, Runescape (classic version) was introduced, being another revolutionary change to gaming. Runescape is a MMORPG (multi-massive online role-playing game) and allowed players to play worldwide online. The game introduced new things like chat rooms and ways to communicate.

Image result for Runescape original
Original Runescape

Afterwards, new game consoles and genres increased with better graphics and capabilities. Video gaming extended to mobile gaming, increasing more revenue for gaming companies. Now in the present, VR (virtual reality) is being released, which could allow users to interact with NPCS in games.

Through only about 60 years, the video game industry has grown so much and has become a major form of people’s entertainment. In the future, it will be a wonder of what people will now make.


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