PCs vs Consoles

PC vs. Console Gaming

So PC or console? Which is the superior form of gaming? Do you believe in the PC Master Race or the Console Community? Well I’m personally a PC gamer because I’m generally not allowed to play games and playing on the PC is a lot easier to hide than playing on the console.

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So let’s go into why I think PC gaming is superior to console gaming.

Image result for pcThe prices of PC gaming and console gaming may vary depending on what games you want to play. For PC gaming, you can select different parts of a computer. If you’re poor (like me), you can get cheap parts that best suit the type of games you plan on playing. Unlike a PC, consoles have a set price that may seem priced higher than a PC. Overall, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend can control whether PC gaming can seem more worth it than getting a console.

PC’s are better than consoles because they can be upgraded at any time, provided that you have the money.

PC’s can play a majority of console games since most console games have been ported. There is a larger range of games you can play on the computer with some even being free like League of Legends or Team Fortress 2!

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PC gaming is more portable since you can play the same online game on multiple computers with the same exact save files.

PC games can have less of a restraint on the software since console games are restricted to the software that the console can handle.

However, others may argue that console gaming is way better than PC gaming or that the two shouldn’t be compared.Image result for bookcase of console games

This can be because console gaming can be more simpler to set up rather than downloading a lot of clients for each game you want to play online. Games on the console are sold in a box and are generally easy to access.

Although many games on the console are ported for computers, there are still console exclusive games that you may prefer.

So what do you guys think is better or more fun to play? PC or console?


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