Game Genres

Game Genres

Today, I’ll write about the different game genres that games are generally classified in. First of all, game genres are decided by the objective of the game instead of the actual game content. Games can be further classified into subgenres such as fighting beat ‘em ups or shooter games.

So I’ll first start off with the “action game” genre, in which the player is in control of most of the action. In these types of games, the player is required to go through levels, avoid obstacles, and battle enemies. In these games, the player generally has lives where the game would be over when the player runs out of them. The goal of the game is usually either to beat enemies and final bosses or try to aim for a high score.

Some subgenres of the “action game” genre can include beat em’ up games (or hack and slash) (ex: Castle Crashers) where the player tries to beat up enemies, using different fighting techniques and shooter games (ex: Call of Duty, or Overwatch) where the player has to aim with a ranged weapon at their targets.

Image result for castle crashers

The next and only genre I’ll go over today is the “adventure game” genre where the player has to explore or solve puzzles in order to reach a certain goal. Players may have to spend a lot of time searching for an important tool or decoding messages. The general failure condition of these games is for the player to die, causing the player to lose progress and restart.


Image result for text adventures
Example of a Text Adventure

Some subgenres include text adventures, escape the room games, and exploration games. Text adventures are games where the player progresses through the storyline by saying certain lines of text (Ex: Zork). Escape the room games involves the player looking for tools to escape an area by using the limited resources provided (Ex: The Room). In exploration games, players can roam freely in an area with the story being revealed by finding journals and diaries (Ex: Dear Esther).

Well this is it for now, I’ll continue the game genres again next time, thanks for reading to whoever will / is reading this.



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