Game Genres

Game Genres (Part 2)


Okay quick update, this is going to be a continuation of my previous blog post about game genres.

Image result for dungeons and dragons
Dungeons and Dragons

The next game genre I’ll talk about is my favorite, RPGs (role-playing games)! Role-playing games tend to have similar terminology and gameplay to the original RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. Players tend to have a character where they explore a world, partake in quests, and engage in battle. As the game continues, the characters grow and learn new abilities.

One subgenre of RPG gaming is an action RPG where elements from action games and role-playing games are present. Action-RPG’s tend to focus more on getting a set of items than story progression.

Another subgenre of RPG gaming are MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), which I have talked about earlier (an example in my first blog post, Maplestory). MMORPG’s involve completing quests to improve a character, but interacting with hundreds of other players in real-time. Some popular MMORPGS include The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft.

Sandbox RPG’s are also another popular subgenre that people play. Sandbox RPG’s, also known as Open World RPGs, give players a lot of freedom and room to explore. (Examples include the Grand Theft Auto series, Fallout Series, and the Xenoblade series.)

Image result for xenoblade
Xenoblade Chronicles

To end up this post, other RPG subgenres are Tactical RPG (players have a party and battle against other enemies), Choice RPGs (like the name implies, players choose how they want their story to occur), and Fantasy RPGs (RPGs set in a fantasy world; examples being Mass Effect, the Fallout Series, and the Mother series.)

Once again, I’ll continue with the game genres. Thanks for reading (and sorry if the post seemed rushed).



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