Crossing The River Again

Crossing the River Again…

While gaming, I’m sure many of you have had trouble trying to complete missions or beat games and earn enough points to earn a sweet prize. People face these challenges and get better at the game while reflecting upon all their mistakes made. Like many other gamers, I am very competitive when gaming and may get occasionally upset or toxic if people aren’t taking the game seriously.

This recurring problem for me of competitiveness probably comes from how I was raised. Ever since I was little, my parents forced me to take tutoring and extra classes in order to do better in school even though I was doing fine getting all good grades. They seemed to believe it was for my own good, but honestly, it didn’t help too much and caused me to grow bored of school. So then from influence of my older brother, I turned to gaming. So like I mentioned in my first blog post, the first game I played was Maplestory. Maplestory was really fun and a large part of my childhood. Every time I was free, I would always get on and start farming. It was very time consuming, but I got to play with and against my older brother. I was able to group up with him and random people online and do party quests. Through these PQs, I was able to earn new equipment, but my older brother was always one step ahead of me. This competitiveness with him also continued with other games like the Super Smash Bros series. I remember one time, my older brother consistently beat me in Melee and I rage quitted at him, throwing my controller at him and then turning off the game. I ran and cried to my dad who then told me “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose” and that there was nothing to cry about. However, on that day, I thought it was unfair since I was never able to beat him. This competitiveness continued on to this day with my current challenge being better at Overwatch and obtain a high rank. 

Ranking System of Overwatch. Currently my highest is 3046, which is Diamond

So now you may be wondering how my challenge all started.. As the game was coming out, there was a lot of hype from all the advertisements on social media. Originally I had planned getting Battleborn (another shooter game), but no one at Fulton (my middle school) knew or would play Battleborn. Not only that, my computer could not run it. So in the summer, my older brother got me an Overwatch account with the player ID matching with my signature gaming name, Sapphire. I was really hyped to play since I knew a lot of people from Fulton  who were planning to play. I always enjoyed playing with others as I never had a lot of friends, being “sheltered” because of my parents. For example, my mother in particular had mixed feelings about wanting me to study more or have a social life. Making new friends was another main reason of why I enjoyed playing games. As time passed on, my older brother got better as he had more time to play and became my source of motivation to keep trying to get better at Overwatch.

Photo by wlodi 2007 © CC BY-SA 2.0

When I first started playing, I played with Gold and Platinum ranked players in Quick Play (“casual mode” in Overwatch.) I was decent at the game since I had previously played another first person shooter, Combat Arms. When my brother showed me the characters of the Overwatch, he suggested to me to play Soldier:76 who had similar mechanics to the mercenaries in Combat Arms. Soldier:76 was far superior the mercenaries as he had an unlimited sprint and a way to self-heal. It was still summer, so I had quite a lot of time to experiment and play each unique hero. With the game becoming popular and older, an Arcade Mode was released where I was able to practice even more in 1v1’s and 3v3’s. Overwatch also piqued my interest with their lootboxes, which were similar to the cases in TF2 (played TF2 before Overwatch). Although I was trying to get better at the game, unlocking skins, voice lines, and emotes also interested me and served as another challenge. After unboxing so many, the only things that disappointed me the boxes were getting multiple duplicates after duplicates or getting non-event items.

New Year of the Rooster Overwatch Event Skins!!!

After playing the game for several months, I’ve gotten way better at the game, being able to play a variety of heroes and contribute to my team. In order to meet my challenge, I had to learn many things (most of which were taught by my older brother). After playing and watching so many matches, the meta of character picks almost always stayed the same with teams always having 2 DPS (Damage per Second – characters mainly do damage), 2 Tanks, and 2 Healers or 1 DPS, 3 Tanks, and 2 Healers. I generally had to play a Tank (Zarya) or Healer (Ana) in Competitive as my team kept taking DPS. I also gained more “game sense” (basically when to attack, group up, or back out of fights). I also learned about counter picking with my characters to go against enemies’ strategies such as playing Winston (monkey scientist with a taser) against a pro Genji (Japanese robotic ninja). Most importantly, I made more friends through games and queued up with others.

Genji vs. Winston

So now, recently I’ve reached Diamond rank (third highest rank) and am still trying to climb up the ladder. My older brother has been a great help to me as he occasionally plays Competitive with me and gives me advice. Although I may be decent enough to help my team, I occasionally end up with bad queues with selfish teammates not willing to switch their character to better suit the situation. (Like once in a while, there are trolls or one/two trick ponies). Some would pick the characters they want to play or flame at my team when they’re the ones doing bad. My older brother is still my main motivation as he had became Grandmaster and part of the top 500 players. Not only that, he also appeared in some popular Overwatch streamersvideos. (TsunTsun in videos)

Older Brother’s Score when playing

So my gaming journey still continues as I have yet reached Grandmaster to be around the same level as my older brother. Well now that this post is done, I guess I’m off to playing more games! See ya later everyone!

(PS: If you do play Overwatch and want to add me, my battle tags are Sapphire#12346 and Trickster #11653 :D)


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