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Game Genres (Part 3 Shooters)

In one of my previous posts, I have talked about shooter games, which are a type of action games. As another of my favorite genres, I just wanted to go back and talk more about different shooter games and about my experiences in each one. I first would like to categorize these shooters further down into “shoot ’em up” games, shooting gallery games, FPS, and TPS. You may not know what some of these terms are, so that’s why I wrote this post!

Okay, let’s get started with “shoot ’em up” games! So basic definition is that the player tries to shoot all threats while trying to dodge dangerous objects going towards the character. The first game that comes to my mind when hearing about these types of games is the old classic Galaga. You play as a ship and try to shoot down all the enemies in your path. This may sound easy on paper, but it’s actually quite difficult as some enemies may fly at your ship while others may shoot at you, blocking your escape route. (Note: You can actually play Galaga and challenge your friends on Facebook through Messenger. My highest is 23,910 points. Try to beat me :] ) Other shoot ’em up games may have other characteristics like getting upgraded weapons and more lives. An example of this is Nuclear Throne where you are able to get upgrades for your character after a wave of enemies.

Image result for nuclear throne upgrades screen
Picture by Softpedia (

Image result for nes zapper
The NES Zapper!

Next category: shooting gallery! I’m sure you can guess what this is about: shooting targets in a “gallery.” I’m not too familiar with this topic since I don’t play these games too often. To me, it’s not exactly exciting: you are just shooting a target / enemy while trying to dodge enemy fire. I guess you could think of it something like laser tag. Shoot your enemy while trying to escape from their line of sight. A subcategory is light gun shooters where you use a pointer to shoot targets, and every time the laser hits the target, you get points. I can only think of Duck Hunt as an example. On the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), you would use the NES Zapper to shoot down the ducks. Upon missing ducks or misfiring, you would lose points.

Next up is my fave, FPS! So what makes an FPS game what it is? FPS, or first person shooter, is a type of shooting game in “first person” (meaning that you play through the eyes of the main character). In most games, your goal is either to kill all your opponents or secure objectives.  There are multiple examples such as (on the more realistic side)  CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) where you shoot enemies or plant bombs as Terrorists or its counterpart, Counter-terrorists and Combat Arms with various modes where you kill other enemies or zombies, (on the cartoony style) the Team Fortress series and Overwatch where you shoot your enemies and take objectives or push a payload. My favorite FPS is Overwatch (as you may know from the previous post) as you can apply different tactics to counter enemy gameplay and strategies such as counterpicking.☺

Last are TPS games. TPS stands for third person shooter. You take a third person perspective of the character, meaning that you can see your character while shooting. After playing FPS and TPS games, you can notice several major differences between the two. FPS games generally brings the player into the universe as you are playing as if you are the character. On the other hand, TPS games allows the player to have a better view of the surrounding area. Some community servers and modes may feature a third person view in TF2 allowing players to spot any enemies (annoying spies) quickly that may be following behind.

Image result for third person view games
Picture by Wargamer of the game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s-ghost-recon-future-soldier

So to wrap this up, I enjoy playing shooter games as it allows me to imagine myself as the character and have the strength to defeat my enemies. Thanks for reading!



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