Card Games

Card Games

For this blog entry, I decided to write something different instead of the usual game genres that I quickly write. As you can probably tell from the title, it is about card games.

Playing cards has made an impact on my life. I’ve always had great memories playing cards. If I wasn’t playing on the computer or doing anything productive, it has always been the go-to thing for me. My older brother would bring a standard 52 card deck wherever we went, so any downtime we had was playing games like Go-Fish or Old Maid or 13. With these luck-based games, I was able to occasionally beat my older brother. There was some strategy involved in the games such as bluffing what cards you had in your hand or knowing when to place down certain cards such as in 13. I have great satisfaction every time I draw a 2 (highest card) and win the game.

Another of my favorite games to play is a 2 player game called Speed.

Image result for cards speed
Setup of the Game Speed (Source:


Like the game implies, the game is about the player’s speed and ability to draw and place down cards as fast as possible. This game also requires luck since you can only place cards that is 1 value higher or 1 value lower than the cards in the center. Like 13, this game is also pretty widely known that most people who play cards generally know how to play. It’s really fun to play at school with friends, but there is always that great feeling of despair whenever you’re down to 1 card but never get to play it because of your terrible luck with cards.

Blackjack is another game I enjoy, especially since I enjoy luck and betting money. Every Chinese New Years, my uncle would host a game of Blackjack where you could bet with the “li xi” (money) you get from relatives. Sometimes I get the best luck and other times.. it just doesn’t happen… One year I gained $200-300 and another year, I lost all my money. This gambling habit also continued with me. At the end of the 8th grade, Fulton (my middle school) had a party since we were graduating and now entering high school. At the party, there was a gaming room where it was mainly playing card games. Well you can see where this is going.. I ended up spending almost my entire time at the dance gambling to earn chips and tickets. I had so much good luck in the room, winning constantly, but when it came to the raffle, I didn’t even win anything.

To end this blog, I’ll talk about everyone’s favorite game.. the ultimate friendship ending game.. UNO! I love this game especially because it can really torment both enemies and friends.

Image result for Uno
Deck of UNO Cards (Source:

Uno is a card game with its own cards, instead of playing with a 52 card deck. If you haven’t played this game, you may wonder why this terrifying game destroys relationships with people. In this game, players place down cards that correspond to the same color or number with the card in the center. Players are able to place down +2 cards and even +4 cards to make their opponents draw cards. It’s really satisfying getting a streak going, placing down the additional plus cards every single time. This game is among my favorites, and I would especially recommend it to get revenge on the people you hate, I mean love..

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I did writing this! Thanks for reading!


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