Personal Thoughts on Tennis

I’ve talked about computer gaming, then card games, so how about something different?

Image result for babolat pure drive 109
My racket: Babolat Pure Drive 109

For this post, I’m talking about my favorite sport, tennis, and my experiences with it. Tennis is an easy sport to learn; you just have one or two people on each side of the court and use a racket to hit the ball over the net. Depending on the amount of players per side, there are certain parts of the court where the ball’s first bounce is considered in. Anyways, enough of that, if you really want to know specifics, click here. Just like playing cards in my other posts, there’s just also so much more to tennis that goes out of the game like picking different rackets and strings for a different feel. Playing tennis is just so much fun!



Besides playing sets (matches/games) in tennis, there are other games in tennis like mini tennis or volleying and king of the court / approach shot, volley, overhead. Before I start practicing, I normally start with a quick game of mini tennis as a warm-up. Like the name implies, it is a smaller version of tennis where instead of using the entire court, you use the service box (and maybe the alley for a larger game c:). It’s a great game for warming up since you aren’t required to hit hard and is mainly to practice your stroke. Another game I enjoy playing is called King of the Court or

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Approach Shot-Volley-Overhead. Both games are almost the same, except they start off differently. King of the Court is usually just a normal feed for a forehand or backhand while approach shot-volley-overhead starts with an approach shot, then if you win the point, a volley, and if you win the volley point, then an overhead. I like to play King of the Court since you can play with multiple people and mix and match partners as the game progresses.
Anyways, I wanted to try out something like a diary type blog entry, so I guess I’ll talk about my experiences in tennis. As a child, I watched a lot of television with my dad, and most of the time, he watched sports like tennis or basketball. I remember watching

Image result for federer
Roger Federer, Previously #1 Tennis Player in the World ❤

tennis championships with my dad with my favorite player, FedererI was fairly interested in the sport, and in one summer, my dad took my siblings and me to go learn tennis at a nearby park, which held tennis summer lessons. I didn’t learn a lot, but it was really fun going and trying my best to hit the ball even though I was terrible with hand eye coordination. Anyways, I got into tennis again about 2 years ago with a private coach, and I just found it so much fun again. It was different from staying home and always studying or playing games. So finally entered high school this year, and I really had a great time making new friends through tennis and then introducing a few of them to play cards with me.  The team lost more than we won, but I learned quite a bit and improved my strokes and serves. The only regrets I have about this year is not being better to get into JV to play more matches and beat more players. Anyways, thanks for reading about my feelings towards tennis, and I hope you all can try something new that I’ve mentioned.

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