Curiosity: One Thing You'd Like to Know About

Potential of Technology

I have sometimes wondered about the future of technology will be and how it would greatly affect our lives in the future. It could lead to a new age where people benefit from knowing how to easily access the Internet, but there could be a bad side to all the Image result for hackertechnology with professional hackers being able to easily steal one’s wealth or identity. What would this new technology be, and would it be able to defend against criminal masterminds or hackers?

From random stories I’ve read online, I know that new technology can have negative consequences. First of all, it can cause isolation among friends. Online social media websites can cause people to be distracted from the real life world and result in people having a lack of social skills. With these new ways of communication, people may feel less inclined to go out and meet a friend because they could just chat through cameras and mics. Along with that, some would not get the proper exercise they require and increase the percentage of obese people in the world. People can also become more reliant on their new technology and not take the time to enjoy themselves with friends and family.

Image result for person holding a phone bumping into pole
Get outside and enjoy fresh air! Stop being on your phones else this can happen. Source:

I also know that new technology be a good thing. An example of new currently being developed technology is Virtual Reality. It has so much potential with being able to help astronauts get used to gravity before heading into space or even helping a person get rid of their fears like heights. VR can also be used to help people design new clothing or structures to be created in real life.

Image result for police online

Right now, I just can’t figure out how authorities would be able to defend against major attacks on technology and keep people’s privacy secure. The Internet is just out there and so widespread that even teams of “cyber police” wouldn’t be enough to stop all the crime that can potentially occur. Even despite all the risks, I will always believe in what could happen in the future.


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